What you do during meetings



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Date : 2009 
Venue : my desk
Media : black ballpe
Material : A6 white paper notebook
Description : This is the moment i've received a task to create a logo. This guy walk on floor, generated some graffiti arrow....  


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What you do during meeting?

What you do during the meeting? Look around, you might found someone probably doing some sketching or writing on his/her notebook. There are many ways to stay awake in meeting. Playing smart phone, taking notes, look around, count letters, making poetry, recall song lyrics, figure out next toto's number, etc etc. For me, I like doodles.... Sketch anything...
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Address : Sri Petaling
Email : hwachai@gmail.com admin@hwachai.com
Job : 3D motion graphic
Company : astro
Facebook : hwachai.art
Twitter : hwachai

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Here is my personal place for me to share my sketches and doodles that i drawn when meeting. For me, every meeting is different, people you met is different, timing is different, topic is different, even the mood is different. All the drawing here is scan direct from my personal notebook and some A4 without any touch-up (the only thing i do is convert it into grayscale, and delete some "P&C" information). Sketching is just to make myself stay awake when meeting ^^" ...